Over the past 35 years Marc Mellon has created numerous commissioned works for universities, medical centers, foundations, corporations, and private individuals across the United States.
As an old-school classicist with broad interests, Mellon's commissioned work spans a number of categories, notably including:
-Portrait Busts
-Commemorative Statues
-Bronze Figurative Fountains
-Portrait Reliefs
-Bronze Medals
-Sports Bronzes
-Dance Bronzes
-Family Group Bronzes
-Major Annual Awards, including Sports Trophies and Foundation Awards
Mellon has extensive experience working closely with those responsible for campus art and design, branding, and development. He has assisted numerous clients in bringing recognition or campus beautification projects from concept stage through the dedication or presentation ceremonies. Mellon bronzes are prominently displayed on over 40 major campuses across the United States.

Many of the artist's important works were commissioned after national searches and/or competitions. Most recently, the National Museum of American History commissioned Mellon to create an over-life size bust to recognize their major donor Kenneth E. Behring. He currently has examples of his works in bronze in 15 museums, including the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, The British Museum, and the Chi Mei Museum in Taiwan.

Mellon statues are both beautiful and value-laden, and are proudly used in the branding of important institutions. His statue of Alton Ochsner M.D. for the Ochsner Medical Center/Ochsner Health Services, and his statue of George Eastman for the University of Rochester's historic River Campus have each become the centerpieces of beloved "placemakers." These works have been fully embraced by those who spend time on campus. Images of each are used as expressive of institutional qualities, and appear with great regularity in institutional publications and development campaigns.

Other smaller scale Mellon bronzes have been presented annually, over decades, notably the NBA MVP Trophy and WNBA MVP Trophy, as well as the Father and Child and Mother and Child for the annual March of Dimes Sports Luncheon at the Waldorf~Astoria in New York, the Dave Rimington Trophy honoring the College Football Center of the Year, and the Boomer Esiason Foundation MVP Award, a sculpture of Boomer and son Gunnar.

Mellon medals include the Official 2009 Presidential Inaugural Mellon, featuring a portrait of Barack Obama, commissioned by the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Committee, and in the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Mellon was chosen from a number of elite medalists across the United States. He was also commissioned by the Smithsonian in 2010 to create a bust of National Museum of American History donor Kenneth E. Behring.

We welcome your inquiries. Please e-mail Marc Mellon Sculpture Studios at MMBronze@gmail.com, or call directly at (203) 938-0138.

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