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Marc Mellon Sculpture Studio - Marc Mellon is one of America's foremost representational sculptors, well known for his portrait busts and statues recognizing leadership and outstanding achievement.Marc Mellon is one of America's foremost representational sculptors, well known for his portrait busts and statues recognizing leadership and outstanding achievement.

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Modern Dance and Ballet

ballet sculpture

From the time I began sculpting, some forty years ago, I’ve been intrigued with the challenge of revealing beauty while capturing balance and motion. Some of my earliest choreographer-inspired dance bronzes, including Graham Contraction and Horton Balance Technique, addressed this challenge. Other works explored the way dancers carry themselves dancing, while at rest, or while stretching, often in response to the previous rigorous pose. I’ve been a close observer of dance, as Degas and Rodin were before me, and I often refer back to their works when conceiving or resolving my own.
— Marc Mellon

La Bayadère

ABT principal dancer Hee Seo
Limited edition of 12


Battement a la Seconde

ABT Soloist Cassandra Trenary
Limited edition of 12


The ABT 2017 Golden Circle Luncheon



Former ABT principal dancer Marcelo Gomes
Limited edition of 12


The ABT 2016 Golden Circle Luncheon

At the invitation of the Ballet Theatre Foundation, benefiting American Ballet Theatre,
Mellon displayed three new balletic bronzes at ABT’s Golden Circle Luncheon
May 24, 2016, at the Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center.

Each of these new limited edition works was created in collaboration with a dancer from
American Ballet Theatre. Together, the artist and individual dancer chose each pose.

Hee Seo, Curtain Call, developed with ABT principal dancer Hee Seo, projects the moment
after a successful performance when dancer and audience embrace in a moment of the sublime.

Cassandra Rising captures ABT soloist Cassandra Trenary’s strength and confidence.

Elina Arabesque, inspired by ABT corps de ballet member Elina Mietinnen, speaks to the dancer’s beautiful lines.

Hee Seo, Curtain Call

ABT principal dancer Hee Seo
bronze, 24” high
edition of 12


Cassandra Rising

ABT Soloist Cassandra Trenary
bronze, 30" high
edition of 12


Elina Arabesque

Corps de ballet member Elina Miettinen
Bronze, 24" high
edition of 12




The Pas De Deux Series

My earliest Pas de Deux sculptures where created thirty years ago. These past few years I’ve returned to the theme with a renewed passion and focus. In the process I’ve produced a series of works that dancers and admirers of dance have embraced. Each dancer brings years, or decades of training to what he or she does. I strive to capture the dancer’s intent, and to elicit from the viewer something of the emotional response we feel when we view dancers dancing in performance.
— Marc Mellon

Taking Flight

BRONZE, 21" 



Bronze, 22.5"



Bronze, 15.5"



Bronze, 22.5"




Marc Mellon,  Chesterwood’s sculptor-in-residence working on Catalina, July 2012

Each dancer’s portrait is meant to evoke the inner life of the dancer, and resonate with the dancer’s or choreographer’s intent. When I speak with dancers and choreographers about their work and mine, we share much common ground.
— Marc Mellon


Bronze, 24"


Balance and Beauty

Bronze, 23"


KATE IN A Red Dress

Bronze, 24"



Bronze, 25"



Bronze, 25"



Bronze, 20.5"



Bronze, 26"

Capturing small.jpg


Bronze, 8"

Lover's dance

Bronze, 15" high



Bronze, 9.5"



                                               Graham Contraction


                                           Graham Contraction


                                 Traveling Attitude


                                          Horton Balance Technique